Physical and Mental Self-Care is at an all time low. Here’s how to change that now!

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Americans are suffering an alarming decrease in the state of their emotional well-being, which is all but unsurprising considering the many calamities and misfortunes the world and our proud nation have suffered in the past years. So it becomes a convenient choice for many Americans to brush aside optimism and fall into a vicious cycle of negativity.

We’ve seemed to put happiness on the backburner. Women’s leadership speaker, mindset and happiness expert and founder of the non-profit organization for women, SheCAN!, Peggy Sullivan urges everyone to find what’s truly important, put happiness forward and stay accountable to it to live a fulfilling life.

A Declining State of Happiness 

The National Happiness Report has indicated alarming figures in the state of the country’s happiness. Some key findings in the report revealed the following unfortunate figures:

  • Only 5% of respondents feel happiness consistently
  • Two-thirds of respondents are surviving, rather than thriving
  • 7 out of 10 women do not have time for what is important to them
  • People would like to be happier and live a more satisfying life but do not know how

These figures imply that we are lacking direction in our search for happiness and satisfaction. And it’s even more concerning that we don’t know the concrete steps to take to be happier.

Happiness is an extremely powerful and contagious emotion. Not only does it make us feel good, but it can allow us to become more personally and professionally effective. All this considered, we need to address the happiness decline to ensure that we as a nation are thriving, not merely surviving.

Take The Time to Choose Happiness & Make Self-Care a Priority

In line with National Self-Care Awareness Month, revered happiness, mindset expert, author and women’s leadership speaker, Peggy Sullivan has developed actionable steps to address this decline in happiness through a systematic approach to time management that she calls Values-First Management.

Values-First Management aims to allow people to identify the core values that are critical for them to live a productive and happy life. More importantly, it is through discovering these that people begin to see what they need to do to make their values actionable and live a more satisfying life.

She has spoken extensively about this concept alongside other relevant topics including mindset and happiness. Through her talks and seminars, she’s already guided many in navigating the following and more:

  • Making self-care a priority and finding happiness and calm in the chaos of everyday life
  • Learning to balance work and life to preserve energy, prevent burnout and find meaning in the things you do
  • Tapping into your inner powers and strength to organically feel good, euphoric and energetic
  • Identifying ways to adapt, rest and recharge your battery to preserve your energy and create time for you, self-care and happiness

As a prolific speaker, leader and happiness advocate, Peggy has helped countless individuals, especially women, jump-start their joy and fulfillment from the humdrum of mundane life. By choosing and being responsible for your happiness, Peggy urges all to take back what’s rightfully theirs by identifying what people truly value and investing all their time and energy in pursuit of it to live a truly fulfilling life.

Always Put Happiness First

Peggy offers us a warm reminder not to sweat the small stuff. Happiness may come in the form of a dog playing with a butterfly or squirrel climbing up a tree or that one wonderful act of kindness you or others might do that can put a smile on your face.

She urges everyone to choose happiness by seeking out what makes life better each and every day. There are tremendous amounts of benefits you can reap from happiness in your personal and work life. All of them are just around the corner and it’s all a matter of choosing what gives value to your life.

This guest post was provided by Peggy Sullivan

Peggy Sullivan is a prolific speaker on women’s leadership, mindset and happiness. She also authors the book Happiness is Your Responsibility where she shares her advocacy of choosing and staying accountable for your own happiness to achieve personal and professional growth and improved health and wellness. Through her non-profit organization, SheCAN!, she has allowed women to find a community where they can personally and professionally grow and seek meaning with like-minded individuals. She has received several accolades including the 2019 Women in Leadership Award from New York State and she’s also been featured in Forbes Women, FOX, and BloomTV and is a highly sought-after consultant in global organizations such as Bank of America, Blue Cross BlueShield, Ingram Micro and WomanUp Conferences.


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