The Disney Princesses Re-imagined As Ms Career Girls

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The Disney princesses have been a significant part of our culture since Snow White made her debut 80 years ago. In many ways, they have become more than just animated character in movies. They are characters that others look to as role models and for inspiration. In recent years, talented artists have created reminagings of the princesses as many things. But there is one that no one had done: empowered women with modern jobs.

With that in mind, Matt Burt, a graphic artists who works on special projects for Simple Thrifty Living, created a beautiful set of illustrations that show the princesses as women with those roles. He worked alongside David Cusick, his coworker, and other team members to choose the right roles for each princess.

“One of our goals in this project was to have the women excelling in their job,” said Cusick. “We wanted them to be at the top of their careers or headed that way and we also wanted them to be in roles that are traditionally male dominated.”

Another goal was to make sure that the career matched the personality and characteristic of the princess. The idea is that these are jobs the women love to go to every day and roles that they are passionate about.

The team said they created these to help inspire others. When asked about feedback on the artwork, Burt said the responses have been truly touching.

“People from across the world have been reaching out to tell me how much they’ve enjoyed the illustrations,” Burt told Ms Career Girl. “Women have messaged me saying they’ve printed out the art and hung in up in their daughter’s room. It’s very humbling. My favorite messages are from teachers asking to use them in their classroom. My mom is a teacher so that’s special to me.”

It’s good to see these princesses as empowered women. Because they are so influential, it’s important to see them thriving in a career that they love, no matter what it may be. Check out all of the princesses below:

Merida (Brave) – Two-time Olympian (Archery & Equestrian) – Merida competed for her own hand in marriage, so why not for a gold medal in the Olympics? Skilled in both archery and horseback riding, Merida competes for her country in multiple events. She’s already won multiple golds, but aims to add a few more in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Rapunzel (Tangled) – Neurologist – Since her birth, Rapunzel has always had the power to heal. After saving her future husband, Eugene Fitzherbert, and reuniting with her royal family, Rapunzel went to medical school and earned her doctorate. She specialized in neurology and has become a leading expert in the country. It’s now her dream to help as many patients as she can and provide exceptional medical care.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) – Coffee Company CEO – Aurora knows how hard it is to wake up. After being awoken from her enchanted sleep, Aurora made it her career to help others stay awake — and what better way to do that than coffee! Aurora is the founder and CEO of Spinning Wheel Coffee, one of the leading coffee chains in the nation.

You can find all the rest of your favorite Disney Princesses, re-imagined as  Career Girls, right here!


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