3 Alternative Therapies You Should Definitely Try

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As busy working women, many of us simply just don’t have the time to make doctors’ appointments, book in for that health check and generally spend time thinking about our health. Sure, if it were something serious we would make the time but how often do you ever stop to think about you, your body and your health? Back pain, stress, headaches, and fatigue, are all common issues we suffer from! But we tend to gravitate towards simply ignoring or grabbing a pack of ibuprofen on the morning commute. Instead of reaching for the painkillers, it’s time to get to the root of the problem and take some time out to explore alternative therapies that could do you the world of good!


Before you sigh with the typical ‘I don’t have time for meditation’ just keep on reading! No one has the time until they make it and meditation might just be worth setting the alarm a half hour early for. If you find you’re struggling to keep up with a fast paced job and general life, then meditation is fantastic for stress and truly relaxing your body. These days we barely ever switch off, constantly glued to our tablets and phones, checking emails, refreshing social media and the rest.

Studies have proven that meditation can reduce stress and also aid anxiety. If you’re new to meditation then guided meditation videos are a great place to start. There are tonnes of free resources on YouTube so there’s no excuse not to give it a go. It’s also worth checking out to see if your local Buddhist center is offering classes, as many provide meditation sessions and it’s a great social opportunity too. You may meet like minded individuals and form new friendships.

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Struggle with sleeping? Aromatherapy can be a truly powerful therapy to aid with a good night’s sleep. According to Sleep.Org 95% of people use some sort of electronic device at least a few nights a week in bed. That’s pretty crazy! It’s no wonder why insomnia is on the rise, we do ourselves no favours with our blue light interfering with our sleep patterns. It’s time to put down the iPhone, the tablet and the laptop!

So, how can aromatherapy help? The scents actually trigger powerful neurotransmitters that stimulate the correct parts of the brain. Try oils of lavender, ylang ylang or bergamot depending on your preferences! Create a spray which you can spritz onto your pillows before you try and fall into a deep slumber. As well as enhancing your sleeping ability, aromatherapy can also help to ease feelings of anxiety and offer a sense of calm. It may not be the magical cure, but it’s always worth a go and if nothing else, you’ll have lovely smelling pillows!



Suffer from back, knee or neck pain? Acupuncture might be the answer. According to traditional theory, we have meridian lines running all over the body. When an individual becomes unwell it’s believed these channels are blocked, resulting in the energy becoming unable to flow freely. Acupuncture needles are able to stimulate and help the energy to flow. It can be particularly useful for back issues, but also headaches and migraines too.

Visiting London in the near future? If you’re keen to explore acupuncture and speak to a renowned specialist in acupuncture for back pain, Dr Michael Curtin is highly recommended. In recent years, acupuncture for fertility has become quite big news. The New York based NY Chi acupuncture clinic offer specialist acupuncture for women’s health, including; irregular cycles, fertility and pregnancy support. It’s worth researching to find out a specialist near you for an initial consultation, it could be just what you’ve been waiting for!

Have you ever considered alternative therapies for your ailments? We would love to hear any personal success stories! Email us at editor@mscareergirl.com.


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