Forget Fad Diets! Listen To Your Body!

Nutrisystem Vs Weight watchers

With all the focus on weight in our society, the growing number of trendy fad diets is not surprising. You may have wondered about (or even tried) one of the many diet trends – Paleo, Keto, Alkaline, Gluten-Free, Atkins, Weight Watchers, the Master Cleanse, or others. Let me assure you that despite the enticing claims you may hear,

  • There are no foods or pills that magically burn calories or fat.
  • No one, even a self-proclaimed expert, can prescribe a diet that is one-size-fits-all.
  • If a diet sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Each body has its own unique metabolism, blood type, and biochemistry. Each body has a different shape, size, age, and level of activity. And, each body changes and has a different state of balance or imbalance on any given day. Subjecting yourself to a diet regimen that specifies exactly so many calories, so much protein, and so much fat denies these individual differences.

Generally, trendy diets require you to eat a specific amount of food on a specific schedule, or make sudden, drastic changes, such as completely eliminating an entire food group, or dramatically cutting your caloric intake. Some fad diets emphasize one particular food or type of food. By following such restrictions, you may disrupt your natural metabolism, resulting in lethargy, weight gain, discomfort, digestive problems, and potentially additional negative consequences.

A well-recognized scientific principle is that a truly balanced diet includes a variety of foods.  And no one food group should be entirely relied on or completely eliminated.

As opposed to a trendy diet, a balanced lifestyle change is more effective.  And more likely to lead to sustainable and healthy long-term results.

Diet – Done Right!

Next to breathing, eating is our most vital bodily function. We are healthy when we are able to fully digest everything we take in, extracting and utilizing what is nourishing and eliminating what doesn’t serve us. This vital process applies not just to our food, but also to our relationships, jobs, and all life experiences.

My work as The Core Expert™ promotes living a better life by focusing on how your body feels, strengthening the ever-so-important Mind-Body connection. I believe our bodies instinctively understand that:

  • Balance is needed by your body to feel healthy—clearly that means a balanced and healthy diet;
  • Fueling your body with nutritious fresh produce, protein, good fats and carbohydrates, assures optimal performance and a feeling of wellness.

The challenge for each of us is to let our busy mind trust our body’s innate knowledge. Undoubtedly you have experienced that the healthier the food you eat, the better you feel after a meal. And, the more unhealthy food you eat, the more likely you are to feel uncomfortable, bloated, nauseous, or drained of energy. Pay attention to what your body needs. Focus on how you feel after eating and you will foster healthy habits and tastes.

Listen To Your Body

My mission is to help you experience the power of true health. The Mind-Body connection shows that when you feel focused, clear, and grounded, you make better choices about your life, including what you eat. Our intuitive selves, the part of us that is organically connected to our deepest truths and is always attuned to what we need in Body, Mind, and Spirit is what leads to optimal health.

As Hippocrates said, Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.   This advice applies as much to your energy and mentality as it does to your physical body. By developing Consciousness of how your body feels—based on what fuel you put in it, you can learn to understand and appreciate what is essential for your Body, Mind, and Spirit.   Choosing nourishment from a place of awareness, feeling, and consciousness is a great recipe to help you feel, function, and live better!

This guest post was authored by Jessica Schatz


Jessica Schatz uses her extensive knowledge, skill, and heart to motivate others to live better, happier lives. Her diverse clientele includes professional athletes, dancers, actors, as well as anyone who desires transformation into optimal wellness. She’s worked with:

  • Fashion mogul Ashley Olsen
  • NBA star Wesley Matthews of the Dallas Mavericks
  • The company of Wicked (while in residency at Los Angeles’ Pantages Theatre)
  • Members of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
  • And many more.

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