5 Quick Tips About Love

It’s your time to shine! Nourish your soul with these 5 quick tips about love.


Love doesn’t choose you. You choose love.

I was running the other day and saw a grandfather and his grandkids fishing. It reminded me of going “up north” to Phelps, WI, and waking up early with my sister and my Dad and going trout fishing on Porcupine Lake. Dad had a Styrofoam cup of squirmy worms weaving through soil and a green tackle box. We talked in hushed voices so we would not wake the fish. The chirping birds and the sound of the oars dipping through the water were the only other noises. Sometimes we saw beavers alongside of the lake building a dam. My sister thought skewering the worm on the fishhook was disgusting, but for some reason I was intrigued by this and proudly “hooked my own worm”. When we had a fish on the line, the energy changed; a sharp contrast to the calm serenity of the morning. Someone had to grab the net! Did he swallow the hook?! What an exciting rush! I loved these beautiful early mornings with my sister and my Dad. I wondered if the grandfather and his grandsons would have a similar bonding adventure today.

When you choose love, your life is filled with joyous encounters!



Shared Values.

You both believe your families are important. You both want families. You both say grace before a meal. He is a die-hard Red Wings fan. You are a die-hard Packers fan. (Okay so those are interests, not values, but to sports fanatics they might as well be!) Anyway the point is that one of the keys to a healthy relationship is aligning on your core beliefs.

Shared values are important in loving relationships.


Love says what you want to hear.

Love looks at you from across the table and says, matter of fact-ly, “You’re beautiful.” Not cute. Not adorable. Not even pretty. Beautiful. Love says what you want to hear and says it with conviction. It comes from the heart and it’s the real deal.

Love consistently sends messages that are pleasing to you.


Love likes to surprise you.

On a sunny summer Saturday my guy and I were out running errands and he had a meeting, so he dropped me at a nearby Starbucks and told me he’d text me when he was back. I found a high-top table and pierced my straw through the venti iced coffee with heavy cream. Smoothing my sundress, I relaxed my shoulders and began writing that week’s column. I kept my iPhone out so I would see his text and know when to save and pack up. Since I grew up in a house with 4 kids, I am a professional tuner-outer. Which is why I didn’t even see him walk in until he was right across from me. I glanced at my phone, startled and fretting that I had missed his text. No, he hadn’t texted, he had just decided to come and get me in person, instead.

Thoughtful, unexpected gestures make us feel loved.

valentine gifts

Love is ______(your own answer).

You have your own definition of love. For me, it’s my Mom’s handmade airport welcome sign when I walk through the terminal. It’s when, on our second date, he was wearing a grey three piece suit and tie and I was wearing a red dress and pink suede platforms and he took my face in his hands and kissed me for the first time.  It reminded me of my first kiss when I was in 6th grade. I remember jumping on a trampoline and then he was tickling me and then he was kissing me. Unexpected and braces and awesome and butterflies.

Love is loving yourself. And whatever you decide love is to you, it is.

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